Are you an inventor?

You have an innovative product or service that you have worked so hard on. But sales are not taking off. It’s as if people don’t understand how valuable it is. But how is that possible? Isn’t it clear? Actually it can just sell itself you think. You hope so, because sales really isn’t your thing. But if it continues like this, you may have done it all for nothing.

Your choices: Get out of the lab and talk to customers or admit your experiment has failed.

Your challenges

You started a company to create your product and/or ideas. But you are the only one who is enthusiastic. You aren’t good at sales and have no strategy. You don’t know how to proceed. This is not why you started as an entrepreneur.

You have a great product, but it is time to gain insight into the market. What pain or problems does your product actually solve? Together with the Winning Move team, you map out the market and gain more insight into the impact your product can have on the various target groups. You increase appreciation and recognition for your invention and finally start getting a return on entrepreneurship.