Increase your return on entrepreneurship

Do you want to become a MARKET LEADER instead of a market lagger? Do you want your ideas, your company to deliver RETURNS instead of stomach aches? Do you want to DOUBLE THE VALUE of your company in 3 years?

make the winning move and create your valuable business

Despite the fact that you have a great product, good employees and also see opportunities, you struggle to grow further and stay ahead of the competition. Does your ambition to grow seem beyond your reach? How do you become or remain successful in the market? Can your organization handle growth? How do you finance your plans? Do you get advice from everyone on what you should do to become successful, but still feel alone as an entrepreneur?


Every entrepreneur and every company has different challenges and a different starting point. But every entrepreneur and every company also has the potential to create more business value.

What is your starting point? Are you a dinosaur, rocket, inventor or titanic? Whatever your starting point is, we work with you to grow and achieve your ambitions. You deserve return on your entrepreneurship!


We inspire and challenge you to make strategic choices and go for more return on your entrepreneurship. Together with our commitment, knowledge and skills, you can achieve that goal. No nonsense, no reports. We use our knowledge, tools and creativity to transform strategic choices into concrete goals and actions. We not only support, but help hands-on in the implementation of those choices in your organization. An implementation where your revenue and return grow. Where your organization is and remains able to manage the growth at every step.

Our approach in 5 steps:

Business Value Challenge

What are the growth opportunities? What yields the highest return?

Baseline & Growth Masterplan

The baseline measurement of business value and the Winning Move Growth Master Plan

House In Order

Preparing the organization for growth and measuring the results


Scaling-up your business with a new product, service, target market, geography, etc.


Your organization is ready to leave the competition behind with disruptive and groundbreaking new concepts



Winning Move is a collaboration between a group of colorful people who love challenges. We have a complimentary set of skills and experiences for delivering strong results. Together, we achieve growth, speed and value for our customers. 


M&A Advisor and Valuator


Business Growth Architect


Operational Excellence Accelerator

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Do you want to spar about a challenge? A no-obligation meeting with the Winning Move team is also possible by phone or over a cup of coffee. We look forward to defining your Winning Move together!